Snippet 2 – Domenico Busuttil & MOKA cafe

In 1931 a party of local musicians went to the HMV studios in Milan to the record Maltese folk and popular music. Amongst the artistes contracted by Anthony D’Amato was local singer/entertainer Domenico Busuttil, a well known personage at the Royal Opera House and other venues. Domenico recorded on many of the HMV titles in the Milan studios between 1931 and 1932, including one of the well-known ‘parlanti’, Madalena. In 1932, Domenico opened Moka Café in Zachary street, which still stands today. He reputedly brought the first coffee machine to Malta from Milan and served the first local cappuccino in this shop.

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3 thoughts on “Snippet 2 – Domenico Busuttil & MOKA cafe

  1. Andrew I am loving this blog. It is truly fascinating to read these snippets and to learn so much about our musical heritage. I listened to the samples and I am transfixed. You have done an amazing and wonderful thing putting this together. Can I buy a copy and have it sent to Australia?

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