Snippet 1- Ix-Xudi , The village troubadour

Guzeppi Xuereb, better known as Ix-Xudi, for reasons that are as yet unkown, was one of the foremost exponents of għana spirtu pront or improvised, folk-singing. This village troubadour was a humorous character who drew large crowds whenever he sang in public, as his fame and wit went beyond the confines of his village and neighbourhood of Santu Rokku, Birkirkara. Along with his friend, Manwel Mercieca is-Semenza, Xudi was involved in the early recording sessions in Tunis between 1931 and 1932. It is documented that he performed on at least one occasion for the Maltese immigrant community residing in Tunis, which at the time was numerous. Xudi claimed 15 gramophone records to his name on Odeon and French Pathe record labels.


2 thoughts on “Snippet 1- Ix-Xudi , The village troubadour

  1. I always thought that his nickname was ‘ix-Xludi’. My late mother used to like his singing and that is how she referred to him. I presume that you have found documentation that refers to him as ‘Xudi’?

    Sincere compliments on your outstanding project. I look forward for more of the same.

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