Louis Carabott & the recording of Maltese music

Louis Carabott of P.Carabott Musical Emporium on Merchant street, Valletta, followed in the steps of Dr. F. Habib who had sent a group of musicians to a Tunis studio in early 1931 to record on 78rpm shellac records. These discs of popular and folk music turned out to a big hit with local audiences and many flocked the wholesaler’s store to purchase the music on the various labels of the day.

Messrs.Carabott was already established as importers and a reputable wholesale & retail outlet for records, gramophones, musical instruments, music scores and a variety of music paraphenalia. They were agents for Odeon, Decca, Brunswick, London, Vogue, Dubium, Tempo, Coral, Polydor, Capitol, Fonit record labels.

Louis Carabott and brother organised for musicians to record in Tunis in 1931 under ODEON records Ma series. These records were released and advertised in their ODEON catalogue featuring a variety of local artistes, composers and solo artists of sacred and classical music. These included exceprts Carlo Diacono’s opera  L’Alpino. The catalogue also features a variety of comical and theatrical artists from Kumpanija Indipendenza, as well as folk singers the likes of Ix -Xudi and Is -Semenza.

In later years Carabott would re-release some of he tracks form the original 78s  on its own label ‘Carabott-Dischi ta’ Malta’. Carabott approached DECCA label in 1960’s to reproduce some titles on 7” 45rpm.




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